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Dog training to settle in the house


Our Home School Program transcends the traditional training models. It empowers you with the knowledge, support and a visual record of your dogs journey toward better behavior, while tying in ease and comfort of working in your dogs home environment.


Experience the convenience and richness of this program as we work together to build a strong and joyful relationship between you and your canine companion. 

Why Choose the Home School Program?:

Personalized Attention

You and your dog receive individualized instruction focused on their unique behavior and learning style.


Insightful Learning

The recorded sessions serve as a comprehensive learning resource for you. Revisit each training session to gain deeper insights into the techniques used and the progress your dog is making. 

Reinforcement at Your Pace

Life can be hectic, and remembering every detail from a training session isn't always easy. With video recordings, you have the flexibility to reinforce the training principles at your own pace. This ensures that the lessons taught during our sessions become ingrained in your daily interactions with your dog. 

Comfort Of Home

Training in familiar surroundings helps dogs feel at ease, promoting a positive and stress-free learning environment.

Real-life Application

Training happens in the context of your daily routines, making it easier for your dog to generalize learned behaviors. 

Lifetime Access

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the training sessions. Enjoy lifetime access to your recorded videos, ensuring you have a lasting resource for continuous learning and reinforcement. 

What's Covered?

To establish trust, routine and structure, we follow a baseline training plan, shown below.

Training plans will be customized to suite your dogs specific needs, and tweaked as needed throughout their program to help achieve your training goals. 

Your dog's first week of school will focus on relationship building, forming clear boundaries and teaching core skills. 

Some things we may cover:

- Introducing Marker words

- Name Recognition & Response

- Body Handling

- Hand Targeting 

- Eye Contact (engagement)

- Finding & building with Motivators (treats, toys, praise)

- Introduce Core Skills: Sit, Down, Stand

What's Included in Your Program?:

- Four (4) Weeks of training

- Two (2) or Three (3) days per week of training

~ Video Recorded Sessions sent via private link

~ One (1) field trip to a local park or pet friendly establishment

- Two (2) In Home Private Lessons

~40-60 minutes

Cost Of Investment


2 Days Per Week​

$840.00 +tax


3 Days Per Week​


$1170.00 +tax


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