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Puppy training in public


Step into a world where canine companionship meets tailored excellence!

Our in-home private lesson training isn't just a service;

it's a transformative journey for your beloved dog. 



Why Choose Our Private Lesson Program?:

Behavioral Solutions

Tackle behavioral issues like barking at dogs and strangers, separation anxiety, counter surfing, or leash pulling with targeted strategies.

Bond Building

Strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend through focused, one-on-one interactions. 

Immediate Feedback

Get instant feedback and guidance, addressing concerns promptly for more effective learning. 

Family Involvement

Engage the entire family in the training process, ensuring consistency in commands and reinforcement techniques.


What is covered?

Name Recognition & Response
To ensure your pup responds to their name consistently

Core Skills: Sit, Down, Stand
Base behaviors that all dogs should master

Impulse Control: Leave It, Drop It, Place
Teaching your dog how to be a master of their own impulses

Leash Manners
No more having your arm ripped out; enjoy leisure walks with your dog again

Come When Called
Stop playing 'catch me If you can' with your dog; Have your dog come the first time you call. 

Proper Greetings
Feel confident having guests over or taking your dog out and about knowing your dog can calmly & appropriately greet others

Targeted Behavior 
From digging, mouthing, counter surfing or incessant barking, we cover a wide array of targeted behaviors 

What's Included In Your Program:

-Up to FOUR (4) In Home Private Lessons 

-Up to ONE (1) Private Outing Lesson

~to take place at a pet friendly establishment such as a park, coffee shop,

home improvement store, etc.

Training Evaluation Required

All dogs MUST go through a FREE Training Evaluation for the Private Training Program. 

Evaluations take place in the comfort of your own home. 

Evaluations are about 1 hour and held:

Monday - Saturday 

depending on availability 

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