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DayCamp Scholar
Drop  Off DayCare & Training
Offered at
RuffRiders in Warwick

This is a 4 Week Program that Runs

Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays


Introducing our new DayCamp Scholar Program, designed for busy families, this program offers a comprehensive approach to obedience training, all within the stimulating & fun environment of our trusted friends at RuffRiders Dog DayCare.

At DayCamp Scholar, your dog will experience the ultimate blend of fun, learning, and individualized attention.

Benefits of the DayCamp Scholar Program:

Daily Cage Free Play

Your pup will enjoy safe & appropriate socialization under the careful watch of the able bodied Ruff RIders Staff, before and after training.  

Daily Training Sessions

Your dog will participate in multiple short training sessions each day they're at Camp, while enjoying time appropriately socializing with other dogs.

Monitoring Progress

Watch your dog's development firsthand. The recorded sessions provide a clear timeline of progress, allowing you to celebrate achievements and address any areas that may need additional focus.  

Problem-Solving Support

Private Lessons are included, to help you seamlessly integrate the training learning at DayCamp Scholar into your daily routine at home. 

What's Covered?
In the chart below you'll discover the different things covered in the
DayCamp Scholar Program.
We will also work on any skills/behaviors outlined in the consultation.

(this program is NOT intended for dogs that exhibit any reactivity and/or aggression)

You're dog will learn the ins & outs of clear, appropriate communication with people and other dogs.

This includes:

- Verbal cues

- Body language cues


What's Included in Your Program?:

- Up to two (2) training sessions per day

- Up to one (1) small training walk per day (weather permitting)

- Up to two (2) in home private lessons

- Daily video recorded sessions, uploaded to a personal private YouTube Playlist (uploaded within 24 hours)

- Weekly Progress Report

Pricing varies depeding on how many days a week your dog attends

Day Camp Scholar.

Get Started With a FREE Evaluation

All dogs MUST go through a FREE daycare Evaluation with

RuffRiders and be accepted into daycare

to be eligible for the DayCamp Scholar Program. 

New Sign Ups can complete both FREE

daycare & training evaluations at the same time.

Evaluations for the Day Camp Scholor Program take place at

Ruff RIders Day Camp facility located at 317 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick , RI

Evaluations are 1 hour and held on:

Monday's - Wednesday's - Friday's 

between 7am - 11am

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